School Profile

Year Founded: 1974

Number of Students: 250

Grades Served: Early childhood through grade 8

Preschool Student/ Teacher Ratio: 6 to 1

K-8 Student/ Teacher Ratio: 12 to 1

Curriculum Partnerships: Sarasota YMCA, Florida Studio Theater, Sarasota Film Festival, Fusion Dance, Selby Gardens, Mote Marine Laboratory, Ringling Museum of Art and Design, Spanish Point, Music Compound, Let's Rock Sarasota, Childrens First, All Faiths Food Bank, Embracing Our Differences, Kobernick Anchin Pavilion, Salvation Army, Senior Friendship Center, Vintage Paws, Humane Society

Accreditation: Community Day School is accredited by the Florida Kindergarten Council and the Florida Council of Independent Schools. Justin Lee Wiesner Preschool is accredited by Florida Kindergarten Council. The School is also a member of PRIZMAH: The Jewish Day School Network.

History: Hershorin Schiff Community Day School was originally established by Temple Beth Sholom in 1974 as preschool program sharing Jewish traditions and customs with students of all faiths and backgrounds. The K-8th grade Goldie Feldman Academy was founded in 1992 as an expansion of the Justin Lee Wiesner Preschool. In 2015 with generous support from the Hershorin Schiff Community Schools Foundation, the school incorporated as an independent community day school. Currently Community Day serves as the only independent Jewish day school in southwest Florida.