The board of trustees at Community Day School is charged with safeguarding and upholding the mission of the school. Trustees are responsible for setting policy, long-range planning and financial management. Board members share a passionate commitment and dedication to the school’s mission and support the school with their time, experience, vision and resources.Current members of the board of trustees come from across our community and represent a diverse array of faiths and perspectives. Members of the board of trustees have expertise and experience in education, law, business, finance, marketing, development, philanthropy and award winning Challah.

Board of Trustees

Dr. Laura Hershorin, Chair

Robert Landman, Treasurer

Rachel Saltzberg, Secretary

Bernard Berkman

Mitch Blumenthal

Andy Cohen

Stacey Edelman

Gregory Farrington

Jean Farrington

Rabbi Elaine Glickman

Wilma Hamilton

Richard Hershorin

Wendy Katz

Betty Rosenthal

Kyla Weiner

Rabbi Michael Werbow