Active Learning Everyday

Community Day School's rigorous, inquiry-based curriculum is structured to allow each child to accelerate at a unique pace and pursue individual interests. With our small classes and low student/teacher ratios, we understand our students' likes, dislikes, strengths and areas in which more practice is needed. By tailoring instruction to the various learning styles of our students, Community Day School teachers create an environment that brings out the best in every child.

Community Day Students are Never Bored


As each child advances through our curriculum, dialogue across grade levels ensures that students are always challenged. Students are offered daily opportunities to extend learning above grade level, ensuring that no child is ever bored by a lack of challenge. Learning and teaching at Community Day School is far more than following along a scripted curriculum, it is about developing an individualized path for each student to pursue unique talents and interests.

Focus on Critical Thinking


Community Day School students are inspired to take ownership of their own learning and direct its course. They begin by asking a question about a real-world problem, then use that question to guide extensive research. They work with their peers, use community resources and collaborate with local experts as they explore, make judgments, interpret and synthesize information in meaningful ways. We believe that this process of inquiry is vitally important and indicative of how students will be asked to learn and demonstrate knowledge for the rest of their lives.


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