Academic Core

Language Arts

In Language Arts, it is understood that not all children become readers and writers at the same time. We provide the tools for all students to have a solid foundation in reading comprehension strategies. Community Day students apply reading and writing skills through engaging projects and real world experiences. As students make the transition from learning to read to reading to learn, instruction focuses on more complex comprehension strategies


The Community Day math program helps children attain a solid foundation in basic computation skills while developing problem solving strategies. We customize student placement to best suit each child's individual level of mastery. Our math placement extends through Pre-Algebra, High School Honors Algebra 1 and High School Honors Geometry.


Students develop lab skills and participate in 12 in-depth units of study, which instill a more thorough understanding of concepts and processes when compared to a traditional textbook approach. Our ultimate goal is to foster scientific inquiry in all of our students; that is, get them thinking like a scientist – being inquisitive, forming “wonderment statements” and seeking answers to the questions they pose.

Social Studies

History, Geography and Social Studies emphasize the interdependent nature of humanity. It’s crucial that our students know about people, places and their impact on our global community. Students learn to draw upon the experiences of various cultures through hands-on projects, learning expeditions and real world experiences, acquiring the skills necessary to become informed citizens. Students move from learning about themselves and their environment to exploring world history and global culture. Through the study of common historical and cultural themes, students come to celebrate and appreciate the diversity that exists in the world around us.