World Languages, World Religion & Jewish Studies

Preparing Global Citizens

Meeting the academic needs of our students is only part of our commitment to providing an exemplary education. We understand our students now live in an increasingly connected, global learning environment. Community Day School believes it is essential to teach all students a second (or third) language and foster a understanding and respect for religions that people choose to practice around the world. As our students develop an appreciation of cultures that differ from their own, they embark on a journey to become a well-rounded global citizen.

Jewish Studies or World Religion Electives

Beginning in second grade, students can elect either Jewish Studies or World Religion classes. Jewish Studies provides an in-depth study of Judaism with a focus on the diversity that exists within our Jewish community. Students will visit various congregations throughout the area and explore Judaism from multiple perspectives. World Religion courses investigate the major religions of the world through holidays, traditions, life cycles, as well various religious texts and philosophies. Lessons on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Secular Humanism are taught from a cultural perspective providing all students with an understanding and appreciation of all religions while respecting religious and cultural diversity

Spanish Fluency

Spanish is offered to introduce students to a world growing all around them where people speak different languages and have different cultural perspectives. Spanish classes utilize language, music, art, foods, history and geography to experience their cultures and develop an appreciation of Spanish speaking people. The Spanish curriculum Viva El Espanol! for students in grades K-5 includes flashcards, assessments, cultural resources, puppets and crafts. Middle school students progress to Regular and have the oppertunity to graduate at an Advanced Spanish Fluency level.

Hebrew Conversational

Hebrew is offered as a language choice for any student who wishes to participate. Our goal is for students to communicate in Hebrew according to their ability, developing skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Performances in Hebrew, skits, games, engaging literature and newspapers engage our students in the Hebrew language.