Learning Exceptionalities

While Community Day School does not offer a separate and distinct program for students with exceptionalities, our school believes that neurodiversity is an integral component of the inclusive community within our mainstream classrooms. Students whose academic or learning profile includes support needs may seek admission through the process outlined in the graphic below. 

CDS considers students as individuals when evaluating their application for admission. The information provided to the school and the experience of the students shadow process are material in determining the student's individual needs and the opportunity for those needs to be supported within our mainstream, grade level classrooms. 

Notice to parents enrolling students under the FES-UA scholarship: Please note that our school accommodates students with disabilities in accordance with the requirements under federal and local law.  However, your child may not necessarily receive the types of accommodations or related services that your child may be entitled to receive at a public school as public schools have different obligations under the IDEA. The IDEA does not apply to private schools.  We are happy to have a conversation with you about the accommodations that your child may need and be entitled to at our school.