International Student Admission

This diversity of our students is an important value at Community Day School.  Welcoming a broad population of students, with cultures from all corners of the world, helps build a base of understanding among all students and supports us in sharing a perspective of global citizenry within our community.  Currently our school community includes families with a rich heritage from over 48 countries. We proudly enter the campus each day walking beneath a display of flags representing each one. 

We welcome you to learn more about Community Day School, and our approach to education. We hope you will find a home where you can to share your background and traditions and contribute to our goal of developing a school community with broad cultural understanding and a more complete view of the world around us.

Students entering the United States solely to study do so through the Student Exchange and Visitors Program (SEVP) as nonimmigrants. The information below is aimed at assisting you in understanding the process we are obligated to engage in with international applicants as a SEVP-certified school.

I-20 Information and Requirements