Clubs and After School Activities

Endless Opportunity

Community Day School students are active students! Through daily outdoor play, physical education, intramural clubs and our Community Day School Varsity Athletic Program, our students stay healthy and active. In addition to fun and stimulating before- and after-care programming, we offer a wide range of clubs and after-school activities for children of all ages.

2020 March-May Clubs

Multi-Sports Monday Mr. Grimes 1-5 3:45-4:45p 8 CDS field $95 16-Mar
Math and Mandarin Tuesday Ms. Jing K-3 3:45-4:45p 8 Kindergarten $100 17-Mar
Tennis Tuesday Sarasota Tennis K-2 3:30-4:30p 8 CDS court $150 17-Mar
STEMania Tuesday STEMania K-5 3:45-4:45p 8 STEM lab $150 17-Mar
Jump Rope Tuesday Coach Dani K-4 7:45-8:15a 8 CDS court $60 17-Mar
Story Writing Workshop Wednesday Mr. Grimes 1-5 3:45-4:45p 8 CDS field $95 18-Mar
Archery Wednesday Mr. Noune 3-8 3:45-4:45p 8 AG area $95 18-Mar
Book Wednesday Ms. Calvert 3-5 3:45-4:45p 8 Library $95 18-Mar
Track Wednesday Coach Dani K-8 7:45-8:15a 8 CDS field $95 18-Mar
Baseball Thursday Mr. Justin K-3 3:45-4:45p 8 CDS field $95 19-Mar
Yoga Thursday Coach Dani K-3 7:45-8:15a 8 Library $60 19-Mar
Soccer Friday Coach Dani K-3 7:45-8:15a 8 CDS field $60 20-Mar