Clubs and After School Activities

Endless Opportunity

Community Day students are active students! Through daily outdoor play, physical education, intramural clubs and our Community Day Varsity Athletic Program, our students stay healthy and active. In addition to fun and stimulating before and after-care programming, we offer a wide range of clubs and after-school activities for children of all ages.

Spring Club Offerings

  • Live link means currently accepting students for enrollment

Lacrosse, Wednesdays - Grades 2-8

Self-Protection/Self-Awareness - Grades 3-8** Please note grade modifications

Bricks for Kidz, Tuesdays - Grades K-3

Tennis, Tuesdays - Grades K-3

Art on a Cart, Mondays - Grades K-3

Cupcake, Wednesdays - Grades 2-8

Morning Mileage, Wednesday Mornings - Grades K-8

Yoga, Thursdays - Grades K-4

Morning Soccer Club, Friday Mornings - Grades K-3

Grade 4-8 Varsity Athletics

YMCA Gymnastics, Tuesdays/Thursdays - Grades K-3

*Registration is through the YMCA, transportation to club only